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Custom art & Photography by Karlana


more than a photo

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a work of art

Have you ever wanted more than just an image hanging on your wall?  What about a photograph that makes you emotional every time you pass by, as it hangs in your hallway near the door? What about the joy you would have seeing your favorite photograph turned into beautiful, fine art that you can pass down from generation to generation. All created from a photograph, and from the mind and creativity of Visual Artist & Photographer, Karlana Pedersen.

Karlana will bring out your very best and capture your personality and essence to create colorful, beautiful, hand crafted, original works of fine art that is yours to keep forever, just for the asking. Whether you want stunning photography or custom hand painted artwork, or something in-between, Karlana Pedersen has the ability and craftsmanship to create more than just another image to hang upon your wall. When it’s all done your images should be more than just another photograph of you, it should be a work of art.

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